"Grizzles Inc.is the culmination of my lifelong desire to
establish a collection of the very best Grizzle Racing Pigeons."
Tony Puopolo - O/O.& C.S.P. (Owner/Operator & Chief Scraper of Poop)
My NEW email address: grizzlesinc@gmail.com 
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    WELCOME to Grizzles Inc.
Grizzles Inc. IS ON THE MOVE to beautiful Omemee
mid June.  Keep checking for updates as I get settled.
Moving really is for the birds! ! So Happy to keep the
services of Loft Manager & Assistant Click here.  And here
My NEW email address: grizzlesinc@gmail.com
Grizzles Inc. youngster
wins 4th Equal 1st in 300 mile 2012 All Grizzle Race. Sold to Jim Leggieri of Texas in a YB Kit.
Thanks Jim for having faith in this Ooievaar X Van Breemen champion!
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   Better BUCKLE UP!
1254's dtr. wins 200 miler and 249 miler in 2 weeks  
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Contact us for Old & Young Birds
Breeding from 6 pairs of long
  distance Irish Champions direct
  from Harold Elliott. 
      Young Birds available
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