Grizzles Inc. is very excited to offer a wide range of loft equipment options that are sure to please.
  Quality workmanship & materials and value pricing are most important to myself when considering a purchase.
  I can assure you that you will not be disappointed, as these considerations are built into every piece that is produced.

Custom orders are welcome! Just contact me for a quote. Orders by email or call 905-831-9365.

Due to the uncertainty of US Duty/Customs Charges I am NOT able to ship to the USA. So sorry my American friends!
FEEDER   All wood construction, with plastic coated dowels on sides to 
                ensure feed is not soiled.  Removable, easy to clean flat top. 
               Large:    48” long x 6” wide x 8” high      $40
                Medium: 36” long x 6” wide x 8” high      $30
                Small:     23” long x 6” wide x 8” long      $20
NEST FRONTS  High quality pine nest front that measures: 24” x 12”.
                           Dowels are spaced close enough to use for any breed
                           of pigeon Exterior quality plywood door is 6 1/4” wide
                           & 8” high.  Available in left, right or center door.
                           (Inquire about the cost of your custom size nest front).
                           Great value at $13 each. 
Solid, plywood construction.
The unit shown features 3 nest boxes
24” wide X 12” high X 16” deep.
Unique installation with stopper and wooden closure allows easy removal of nest front for cleaning.
3 Nest Box Unit:     $55
3 Nest Box Unit & Fronts:    $94

Note: Does not include back. Add $10 for back board.
(Free quote for custom size Nest Boxes)
V-Perch projects 6" from the wall and is 10 " across. The part that the bird perches on is a full 2.5" wide. The perch protects birds sitting below, and is strong, durable, and easy to clean.
As a time-saver, these are arranged in groups of 4. The back board is
40" long x 2" wide. The perches are spaced about 12" apart. Each perch is
secured with screws.

Individual V-Perch:     $3.00
Set of 4 with backboard:   $15.00

Nest bowls are made of 5/8" wood.
Bowls are 5" high x 9.5" at top x 7.5"
at bottom. No bottom board allows air
flow, keeping nest drier. Flared shape
keeps nesting material in place and
makes cleaning easy. Extra height
allows hen to escape from aggressive
cocks when mating up.
No more scalping.

A real steal at $4 each

Quality from top to bottom.  Maximum ventilation is offered
with dowels on the top and the use of lightweight, strong nylon
mesh covering. Solid wood frame with a flip-top loading door on
the top and a drop down door using marine turn-buttons, on the
front to release the birds. Wood trim on top and bottom as well
as a sturdy carrying handle. 
Available as a collapsible or non-collapsible basket.  Collapsible
baskets may be made non-collapsible by inserting 4 screws.

Large: 20 bird size is 30” x 16” x 9” high. Non-collapsible $75  Collapsible  $80
Medium: 15 bird size is 23” x 16” x 9” high. Non-collapsible $65 Collapsible  $70
Small: 6-8 bird size is 16” x 16” x 9” high.  Non-collapsible & no release door $45

Are you finding that catching your young birds for training has become a real chore? Well here is a great solution that will help you get on the road without all the hassle.
Train the young birds from the very beginning to enter the baskets themselves by putting their daily feed ration in one of these baskets.  The END RELEASE BASKET has a sliding door on each end and once the birds know that their feed is in the basket, all one does is line the baskets up, end to end.  When one basket is full of birds, drop the doors on the full one, install a door on the next basket and when it is full, drop the end door.  Easily you can line up as many as six at a time. With a little bit of renovation to your loft, it is possible to create an opening from the YB section, so the baskets can be lined up on the loft exterior. 
These quality baskets have a flip top door should you want to load birds or remove one from the top.  Great ventilation due to the doweled top and the mesh material on the sides. 

Large: 20 bird size is 30” x 16” x 9” high.    $75
Medium: 15 bird size is 23” x 16” x 9” high.  $65
Your guaranteed to score a pile of Browny Points, on the home front with this gorgeous Arbour. Perfect for watching for your race birds in style. Sturdy construction of pressure treated wood. Seats two comfortably at 4 feet wide X 7 feet high X 22 inches deep.  $500

(Free quote on outdoor planters and benches)
  New !!!
with PERCH
12" x 24"        $15
New !!!  BOX PERCHES  Each bird has their own
perch and they can not see the bird on the next perch.
The perch back is slanted and droppings fall to the rear
bottom of the unit. It is free standing or may be attached
to the wall. Each box perch measures 10" wide x 10” high
x 8 1/2” deep. All plywood construction and 2" pine stand.
  Each unit will be custom made to meet your needs.
   Price: $7 per perch (ie.10 perch unit is $70)
Nice!!! TIPPLER FLYING COOP This gorgeous, custom made Tippler Flying Coop measures 70"  high X 30" deep X 36" wide. Packed with lots of perches, a unique drop down landing board and plenty of ventilation to ensure good health. Ideal for ROLLERS.

I am happy to assist you with your plans and design, and custom build a fully functional unit that will meet your needs.
Free Quote based on coop size & details required.
Large Basket with dowels on one side
to give birds a drink before release. Includes drop down door. $80
Two unique designs to get your birds to the shows in perfect condition. Same great quality as the Black Widow Baskets.

Four Sections with Dividers
Measures 30" X 16" X 9" with 2
removable dividers. Option for
2, 3 or 4 sections. 4 doors for
easy access and strong nylon
mesh.   $90

"SIX PACK" Individual Sections
Measures 38" X 13" X 9". Each section is 6" W X 13" L X 9" H. Permanent dividers , individual doors and strong nylon mesh. Carrying straps on ends. $90
* IMPORTANT NOTICE * I am proud to say that our prices have been unchanged for the past 3 years. Due         to the ever increasing costs of materials, I have been forced to modestly raise prices on various items.

Don't miss out on these unique new wild bird feeders & bird houses. Made from solid recycled pine wine crates. I'd like to say that I had to drink all of the wine before starting to build, but no such luck!
Feeder measures 12" L x 16" W x 10" H, and can be filled with lift up roof panel. Hang from a tree or secure to a pole in the ground.  $35

Bird houses are suitable for a variety of song birds and features easy clean panel.

Vino Chalet              Vino Square             Vino Mansion
12" x 10" x 7"           7" x 7' x7"               12" x 10" x 7"
$20 Each  $50 set of 3