(oo e var),n. das iz grizzel
Foundation Hen
Foundation Cock
2000-CU BVR-7070
(10803 X 2931245)
Ooievaar Pair History & Results
18-2-2003   Ref: Steven Van Breemen Website 

References are reported from all over the world  
Canada: ·
Dear Steven, 
Here's the info on the birds imported from you:
1990: 607487 X 575045 bred 10803 and 10508 2 cocks. 575045 died unfortunately at weaning age. 
10803 x 2931245(imported from you and bred out of a daughter of 607487 x 575045) bred 4 cocks: 
10976: sire, grandsire, great grandsire to winners.
10998: sire to 500 mile winners, best YB 1997. 
10907: grandsire to our best racer at this time (383). 
10908: sire to combine winners.
1991: 91-HC-1053 son of 607487: best bird 1994 Hamilton Federation 10 prizes in top 10 combine. 
91-HC-1088 son of 607487: sire to Ace Bird, 
92-792 Multiple winner. 
91-HC-1066 son of 10803: Best bird 1993 Hamilton Federation, 13 x top 10 combine, sire to 5 combine winners. CU Merit Award most pts. in 1995. 
91-HC-1086 Grandson of 607487: 1st Combine 600 mile etc. 
91-HC-1051 Grandson of 607487: 1st Club, 2nd 600 mile etc. 

1991 to 2000 1st Champion Loft or 2nd Best Loft Old birds. Over 200 1st prizes were won with descendants of your birds.  We are still breeding from 6 direct sons and 5 direct daughters of 607487. No new blood has been introduced for 10 years. They have been crossed with Jan Aarden foundation cock NL-79-146526 via Piet DeWeerd. The dark grizzles & checks always are the best ones. The checks out of 10803 X 293145 are all very good breeders. 
These birds have won for everyone that got them from 100 miles to 600 miles. ·
  • Steve Wilson won the gold band race 2 years in a row ·
  • Volker Vahle is a top flyer with birds descending from yours; ·
  • The Canadian Young Bird Classic was won with a direct 607487 Ooievaar bird; ·
  • The Boston Classic Race(USA) was won with a bird again closely related to 607487.
This is only the top of the shelf...... 81-607487 x 81-575045 are probably the best breeding couple ever to come to Canada. 

Thank You Very Much Steven for these Worldclass birds! 
Best regards,             
Rodney Hall, Loft Manager for Benny DeJonge ·
CU BVR-2001-9898 #1 HEN
 (7070 X 2931245)
CU BVR-2001-9888 #1 COCK
(7070 X 2931245)
OOIEVAAR (Grizzle in Dutch) are mainly TOURNIERS, that originated from Steven Van Breemen of Holland. The original pair was purchased for a small fortune ($20,000). The hen of the pair died when the first nest of 2 cocks was being weaned. One cock 
CU-10803 became a foundation breeder when mated to imported hen NL-2931245. This dark grizzle pair has been responsible for hundreds of winners over the past 13 years. 
At Grizzles Inc. we have 1 direct son from 10803 as well as gr/kids from the two individual birds with other mates. Straight or crossed these birds win from 100 to 600 miles and have scored several awards.  
NL-87-1725207 'Het Ooievaartje' 1st National Ace Pigeon WHZB 1987  
is a FULL SISTER to our Foundation Hen NL-89-2931245. 

CERTIFICATE OF MERIT winner & gr.son of the original $20,000 pair cock 

NOTE: Still breeding from 2 direct kids. Email for details  Pedigree

AND 3 Gr/Grand Kids of "Het 207" have landed at Grizzles Inc,       
The Stray!!!!
CU BVR-2002-79 COCK
(Son of Crystal X 2931245)
A Sampling of the Ooievaar Stock Birds @ Grizzles Inc.
CU BVR-99-3068 HEN
(Fabulous 11 flights)
CU WHI BVR-2003-798 COCK
(dbl/gr.son of 2931245.Dam is 9898)
Ref: Steven Van Breemen Website

1987 De Bonte Jaarling was mated for the first time. I had borrowed a pure Janssen hen from Mr. Bert Bouwman of Amersfoort who possesed in those years a loft full of direct Janssens. We decided to split the eggs and so I got "De Merckx". In 1987 he was mated in close relationship with "Het Fijn Geschelpt", the daughter of "De 646 Duif" with a Tournier cock (halfbrother to "De Goede Jaarling").
That Tournier cock also was the father of the 1st National Ace Young of Holland 1987 on my loft. From this combination I bred in 1989 three hens: "the 134", "the 135" and "the 235" winning 7th, 9th and 12th Ace as a youngster in my association/combine. These three hens were sold to Thailand and after being very successful over there (1st National Ace pigeon & Carwinner) lateron the whole basic pair was sold for a fortune to south-east Asia as well.
Het Ooievaartje 207" was in 1987 the 1st National Ace Young. Later on she was sold to CP lofts (Mr. Dhanin) in Taiwan were millions of $ were won with her offspring. Her full brother won in 1988 the 2nd National Orleans against 28.500 birds and was sold to a Maltese fancier.”
"Het Ooievaartje"
1st National Ace Pigeon WHZB 1987
Helping hand for baby..
From an ugly duckling...
Training starts early..
.....to a fabulous prince.
Baby pictures of CU-04-41580 "Mark's Pick"
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(10803 X 10992)